Your Partners In Growth: How We Can Help Your Team Crush Quarterly Goals

If you are looking to add a scalable Direct Sales Channel or grow your existing Direct Sales Channel, we maybe a perfect fit to work together.

But first…

We Want to Make One Thing Clear

Puulse Marketing only promotes high quality products and services. We have to be 100% certain that our customers are getting exceptional value for their money.

The result of this policy is we turn down far more clients than we accept.

We are dedicated to improving the public perception of Direct Sales, Field Sales, and Sales as a profession. Period.

That means making sure we partner with companies that also align with these values.

Now that we have that covered—let’s talk about how we can…

Help Your Organization Achieve Their Goals

We become your partners in growth.

We focus on building custom tailored face to face sales teams for our partners.

We can build your business using…

To keep it simple, if there’s an opportunity for a salesperson to make a sale somewhere. We will be there.

Next, let’s talk about something very important.

Sales Quality

We understand a new customer is only valuable if they become a satisfied repeat customer.

A closed sale should be the beginning of a relationship. A long-term fruitful relationship that leaves the customer happy and the business with healthy profits.

That’s why we train our team to only write solid business—making sure the customers knows exactly what they are getting, and their expectations are properly set.

Along with building quality into our culture we also use “Sales Quality Auditors”. Whose full-time job is to follow up with customers and make sure they are 100% satisfied.

A big part of producing high quality customers is also producing…

High Value Customers

Closing a deal based entirely on price is weak and unprofessional. It attracts the wrong kind of customer and makes them very easy to steal.

We sell meaningful improvement to peoples lives not a price point. Creating real connections between the benefits of the products we sell and the day to day lives of our customers.

The result. A customer that is not just happy but proud to pay more for your service.

On top of creating solid high value customers we are also adept at…

Scaling Sales Campaign

As soon as we start working with a new client; we start systemizing.

Creating a full “business in a box” that includes customized digital and in person sales training, standard operating procedures, staffing campaigns, and everything else needed to scale.

Taking one successful sales team and scaling it into an entire sales organization. Our team has successfully built out campaigns that included hundreds of sales agents making hundreds of thousands of sales and have produced more than $500,000,000 in new customer value for clients.

If you’re interested in making a real impact on your company’s sales here’s…

What To Do Next

Simply fill out the form below and one of our executive team will reach out right away to schedule a fact-finding call or in person meeting. If it looks like we maybe a good fit, we can move forward to the proposal phase.