Kiosk Sales Team Lead

If you have a proven record in telecom sales and strong leadership skills—keep reading

Are you a strong leader that loves seeing your team succeed?

Are you obsessed with personal development and have a strong desire to grow personally and professionally?

If that sounds like you—keep reading

The Opportunity You Have Working Here

At Puulse, we work with great people. Now, when we say “great” we don’t mean exceptionally skilled and talented people.

“Great” refers to people that have what it takes to develop exceptional skills and talent. We look for people with hunger for more in life and a strong desire to grow.

If selected to join our team you will get…

The Product

At Puulse, we believe that when you sell somebody a product, that product should make a difference. The customers life should become better after buying. 

Because of this fact, we are dedicated to only working with great companies, with great products, and great customer service.

In this case, we are working with Canada’s largest telecom company helping expand their powerhouse fibre optic network.

You will be helping real people improve their lives. Giving them access to….

On top of all this, we also have the best offer on the market.  So not only are our products far superior, our customers also save hundreds if not thousands of dollars by switching.

The Job

Let’s keep things super simple.

In this role, you will be managing a team of 5-8 sales associates in a performance driven kiosk sales. 

In reality, your job is to help your team win. You help them achieve their goals, grow their sales skills, and progress in their careers. All while making sure they follow our code of ethics and branding guidelines.

Your day to day will involve…

To complete your tasks you will be required to have a drivers license and your own reliable vehicle. 

The Training

Our new hire training consists of

This role focuses on developing your leadership and sales training abilities constantly. That means we are always working to improve you and the team.

This includes

The Pay & Benefits

This position pays base + commission overrides + bonuses.

As a Sales Team Lead you  can expect to earn between $65,000-$90,000 per year depending on the performance of your team.


How To Apply

To apply for this role please fill out the form below and check your email for next steps.

We have a very specific process for hiring sales staff so please make sure you check your email.